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What is the Trans Manifesto?

The Trans Manifesto, developed through the LGBT Consortium, contains three key messages from trans communities. With your help, we asked candidates in the May 2015 Westminster General Election to promise to uphold these principles when considering legislation if they are elected.

The three principles are:

  • Regard trans individuals as equal citizens with equal rights,
  • Empower trans individuals to be authorities on all aspects of their own lives, and
  • Encourage diverse, representative, realistic and positive portrayals of trans individuals.

Thank you for your help!

This website allows you to see which candidates indicated support for the Trans Manifesto and which declined it.

190 users logged

3,970 candidates logged
3,647 with contact details

624 candidates contacted
in 260 constituencies

47 MPs pledged full support
16 MPs pledged partial support
317 candidates pledged full support
32 pledged partial support

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